Top 5 Reasons Why Maryland is a Great Place to Live!

Top 5 Reasons Why Maryland is a Great Place to Live!

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Maryland is a small state known for its blue crabs, Old Bay, birds, and local breweries. But there is so much more to the “Old Line” state than meets the eye! Whether you are a Maryland native, soon-to-be resident, or someone who has never stepped foot here, check out these top five reasons why we think Maryland is such a great and unique place to live:

It’s All About Location…

If you didn’t already know, Maryland is host to an incredibly diverse environment. To the west you will find great hiking spots in the Appalachian Mountains, southern farms that sport local charm, and the beautiful beaches of the Eastern Shore (Assateague Island, anyone?). And of course, central Maryland is home to our two treasured cities, Baltimore and Annapolis. But did you also know that the Nation’s Capital is right in our backyard? That’s right. We are basically America fun-sized. This makes for excellent job and networking opportunities, great options for education, as well as spur of the moment day-trips to indulge your inner tourist. With so much history and diversity, we guarantee you will never get bored!


We don’t mean to brag, but we have some of the best public schools in the country, and some of the best universities. According to The University of Maryland is ranked #60 in the US, and regularly earns accolades for its sustainable and clean energy initiatives. Is that awesome or what?

Regional Culture

“So what county are you from? Moco? HoCo? AA? PG?” While it’s true that we are all living in Birdland, Maryland is one of the only states where you will find some intense county pride. It’s a strange concept to those who aren’t from here, but your county of residence is often a piece of your identity. No matter what county you currently reside in, or plan to move to, you can rest assured that sense of community is something native Marylanders take very seriously. You can even order county pride bumper stickers from the Maryland MVA!

Home to the Nation’s #1 Hospital: Johns Hopkins

You heard that right. Maryland is home to the number one hospital in the country. Move here and you will never have to worry about having access to top of the line medical care. Who wouldn’t want that?

Did you think we were going to leave the crabs off of this list? Think again!

You simply cannot list the reasons why Maryland is such a great place to live without mentioning its blue crabs and staple Old Bay seasoning. Just imagine it now…warm summers on the Chesapeake Bay, cool breezes slipping down the cobblestone streets of downtown Annapolis, laughs with family over lunch, mallets in hand, picnic tables covered in newspaper, and a growing pile of discarded red shells next to your ice-cold Natty Boh. Oh, and the crab cakes, those amazing crab cakes! We forgot to mention the crab cakes. But it’s okay; we are confident we’ve already convinced you Maryland is one of the coolest places you’ll ever live.


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