Buying Your First Home: A 10 Step Guide to Help You Make It Real!

Posted by Sierra Francis // March 8, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House // agent / buying / Estate / first / guide / home / homebuyer / investments / pre-qualified / Real / search

It’s been said time and time again: Buying a home is one of the biggest commitments most people will ever make in their lifetime, and this can make for an especially daunting process, particularly if it’s your first time buying. In order to help you navigate the process, we’ve put together a 10 Step Guide of what to consider before buying, what to expect during the process, and how to seal the deal.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Maryland is a Great Place to Live!

Posted by Sierra Francis // March 1, 2017 // Blog // Living / Maryland / Tourism

Maryland is a small state known for its blue crabs, Old Bay, birds, and local breweries. But there is so much more to the “Old Line” state than meets the eye! Whether you are a Maryland native, soon-to-be resident, or someone who has never stepped foot here, check out these top five reasons why we think Maryland is such a great and unique place to live:

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Buying or Renting: How To Determine What’s Best for You

Posted by Sierra Francis // February 22, 2017 // Blog // age / apartment / buy / buying / home / house / own / rent / renting

We’ve all heard this question at one point or another: “Is it better to rent or buy a home?” Well, it really depends on who’s asking. If you are trying to do decide what’s best for you, consider the following questions before making your move.

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Real Estate Investing As A Business

Posted by Noemi Perez // December 3, 2016 // Blog // Business / Estate / Investing / Investors / Real / REI / Strategy

If investing is better when conducted most business like, does it mean that more real estate investors ought to be investing in a more businesslike fashion? Should every real estate investor be investing as a business? What does that really mean? What does it look like? Does that limit the types of properties and strategies that can be applied? Where can help and support be found for building a more businesslike property portfolio?

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Real Estate Lead Generation 101

Posted by Noemi Perez // October 31, 2016 // Blog / Sell A House // Estate / Investing / Leads / Marketing / Media / Real / Social

Where and how can real estate agents, investors and other related industry professionals generate more leads for buying, selling and renting properties? What are some of the little known benefits, and pitfalls of common real estate lead generation channels today?

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Technology vs. People Skills: Which Real Estate Strategies Will Win?

Posted by Noemi Perez // August 10, 2016 // Blog // Crowdfunding / Estate / People / Personal / Real / Strategy / Technology

The real estate industry caters to independent strategies. For every investor, there is another way to go about conducting business. Some may prefer to utilize the convenience of technology while others want to maintain personal relationships.

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Housing Still The Best Investment Tool Of A Lifetime

Posted by Noemi Perez // July 27, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House // Estate / Housing / Investment / Real

Many people are still wondering whether or not real estate is one of the best investment strategies for long-term wealth building. Is investing in homes still a smart investment for the average individual? Is a home still the best investment of a lifetime for most Americans? If so, why are some pessimists still questioning the rebound in the news?

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